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Back in July of 1973, David Ahl changed the programming world by publishing his landmark BASIC programming book for DEC called  “101 Basic Computer Games Book”.  Five years later David would re-publish the work as BASIC Computer Games – The Microcomputer Edition.  For many of us old programmers, we still remember staying up all night typing in the BASIC games listed out in each of his wonderful books.  We wanted so much to see our new microcomputers dance and sing back then.  Unfortunately, our new microcomputers really didn’t know how to dance and sing because the programs were all character-based and the computers could only beep at us in monotone.  Fortunately, David Ahl included some really cool looking robot illustrations by George Beker that really opened up our imaginations on what computers could do for us in the future.   Now you don’t have to re-type these classic games into the computer  yourself, you can just “cut and paste” the Small Basic source code right out of our new Small Basic Computer Games E-Book.

With the launch of Microsoft Small Basic for Beginners we can re-live the glory days of kid-friendly BASIC programming.  Isn’t it time to show your kids and grandkids why we all fell in love with computers in the first place!  Microsoft Small Basic makes programming fun again for kids of all ages!

Our new “Basic Computer Games – Small Basic Edition” eBook is a Small Basic translation of the original “BASIC Computer Games” book originally edited by David Ahl.  Click on the book icon below to see a <sample chapter> which includes a sample new “Small” Basic version of a game from the new Small Basic Computer Games E-Book.  To view a complete list of the Small Basic Games included, click here.​

The “Single User”  Illustrated Edition Microsoft Word Compatible E-Book which contains all of George Beker’s original classic robot illustrations plus a few new Bot Illustrations.   George Beker came out of retirement for this one and even added comments to each of his iconic illustrations.   We should note that David Ahl & George Beker’s royalties from the sale of this Special Edition Illustrated E-Book are going to charity.    This is NOT a Kindle or Nook eBook formated eBook. It is Microsoft Word based E-Book that supports full “cut and paste” capability so you don’t have to re-type all the source code back into Microsoft Small Basic.  We also provide you the actual .sb source code files in a compressed .zip file too.   George’s iconic robots still make me smile when I look at them.

The  Basic Computer Games: Small Basic Edition E-Book is being published with special permission from David H. Ahl and George Beker.  Both downloadable E-Books include the completed .sb source code projects in a separate directory so you don’t have to re-type any of the Small Basic source code yourself, if you don’t want to.   It includes an updated 2010 Forward by David H. Ahl  where he reflects on the last 30 years of computer gaming since he wrote his original Book Forward over 30 years ago.  It also includes all the original “GOTO” subroutines for your nostalgic programming enjoyment. To read an interesting debate on why GOTO is still used in Microsoft Small Basic click on this article written by the author of Microsoft Small Basic

The ‘Bot Folio is a Picture E-Book (without the Small Basic Games).  If all you are looking for is just George Beker’s classic robot illustrations and not our fully-Illustrated Small Basic Computer Games Programming book, George Beker has published THE ‘BOT FOLIO.  This e-book has all the original ‘BOTs from the 1970s book plus some new ‘BOTs (the first new ones in four decades).   It also includes Beker’s comments on the ‘BOTs and technology in general.  It’s clear evidence that Beker remains firmly stuck in a long-gone, alternate world with  absolutely no connection to modern technology.  Beker will donate his proceeds from this ebook to a national non-profit that focuses on children’s literacy.

The ‘BOT FOLIO is available in either MS Word 2007 or PDF format.  Click on the ‘BOT FOLIO “Add to Cart” Button on the left to order.  To visit George Beker’s personal website, click here.

We also sell a Non-Illustrated Basic Computer Games – Small Basic Tutorial  3-Pack without George Beker’s Bot Illustrations.  This Non-Illustrated Edition Basic Computer Games: Small Basic Tutorial 3-Pack includes our Beginning Microsoft Small Basic Programming Tutorial,  Programming Kid Games with Microsoft Small Basic, and the Non-Illustrated Programming Version of the BASIC Computer Games – Small Basic Edition E-Tutorial all for $59.95.  That is a huge savings over the combined list price of each tutorial if you purchased them seperately.  This 3-Pack is designed for folks who have not programmed in Microsoft Small Basic before.

The BEGINNING MICROSOFT SMALL  BASIC PROGRAMMING TUTORIAL is over 500 pages and includes eleven chapters on how to begin programming in  Microsoft Small Basic.  The last chaper of the of the EBook shows you the source code for four of the original BASIC Computer Games in Small Basic in addition to how these games could be enhanced in several different computer programming  languages.   If you have previous programing  experience in  BASIC,  Visual Basic, Visual C#,  and Java, you can compare and contrast the Small Basic source  code against  these popular programming languages.  This is very helpful if you are starting to learn Small BASIC  after you have already learned to program in another computer programming language. <Game Project Screen Shots>

The Programming Games with Microsoft Small Basic tutorial which  is a self-study 700+ page “intermediate” level  programming tutorial consisting of 10 chapters explaining (in simple, easy-to-follow terms) how to write “kid-friendly” video games in Microsoft Small Basic.    This tutorial  explains

(in simple, easy-to-follow terms) how to build a Small Basic game program. Students learn about program design, using Small Basic objects (including button controls), many elements of the Small Basic language, and how to debug and share finished programs. Game skills learned include handling multiple players, scoring, graphics, animation, and sounds. The game programs built include, in increasing complexity. <Game Screen Shots>


All of our tutorials are currently delivered in a Microsoft Word (v97+) E-Book format. The entire E-Book and/or selected chapters can be printed on your local printer and/or viewed on your computer screen. The E-Books can be downloaded from our website immediately after purchase.  We compress the download files using a .zip format to help reduce the size of files for faster downloading.

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What others have been saying about our Computer Programming Books and Tutorials:​

The Beginning Small Basic Programming Tutorial by Philip Conrod and Lou Tylee is a fun read and covers all the fundamentals of Small Basic programming.  I would recommend it to all my friends who want to learn Small Basic.  They do a great job explaining Small Basic programming in an easy to read self-paced tutorial.  I liked it so much,  I bought one for myself!”

Vijaye Raji, Creator of Microsoft Small Basic

“Today, 2010, we can think of the computer gaming world as a huge funnel. Entering the top are hundreds of millions of game players. Some are way more serious than others and play practically every waking hour, but they are basically game players. As we get down to the spout, we find that a small number of players are becoming programmers. What does it take to go from being a player to being a programmer? Well, reading a book like this is a good first step.”

David H. Ahl, Founder of Creative Computing

“I picked up the “Basic Computer Games: Microsoft Small Basic Edition” book. I’ve been teaching my kids (12 years old and 10 years old) how to program and I remember many of these programs from when I was just learning. This book introduces all of the core programming skills necessary to launch the interest and passion for more advanced programming and it does so in a fun, easy way. My kids love it. We use the book at home.” 

Mark C. Neustadt, Madison, WI

“Your Small Basic books are great!”

Neil Kendall, Teacher, United Kingdom