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Unreal Game Engine 4 RPG Game Design & Development Blueprint ​Tutorial For Beginners
 (Coming in 2017)
So you want to build your own RPG Game using the Unreal Game Engine 4? Our RPG Blueprints Tutorial is a great way to learn how to build your own RPG Game.   It comes with a pre-built stylistic dungeon (containing more than 35 individual assets).  It uses highly modular assets which  makes creating ​ your own RPG an easy task!  It is completely done in Unreal Blueprints and it includes a lot of the standard features you would expect from a RPG.

Click on the round PLAY ARROW Button on the Bottom Right Corner of the Film Strip Below To View Video:

Current RPG Features:
  - UI / HUD System: Completely done in UMG.
  - Inventory System: Including looting system & different types of items like weapons, armor and items.
  - Character Stats: Set up attributes like strength, agility etc. Includes a XP-system with level ups.
  - Class system: Including a Main Menu / Starting Screen where you can select different classes/characters.
  - Animations: The system comes with a set of medieval animations for sword/shield combat.
  ​​​​- Enemies: Two different enemies (melee & ranged caster). Driven by configurable behaviour trees.




Unreal Game Engine 4 RPG Game Design & Development Blueprint ​Tutorial For Beginners
 (Coming in 2017)