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The Microsoft QBASIC source code for the games listed below was last version published by PC ENTERPRISES  andNEW COVENANT MINISTRIES in 1995.  These Bible computer games were part of a Microsoft QuickBasic Tutorial called Computer Bible Games For MS-DOS QBASIC -  Book 3.   Click on the links below to download the final NEW COVENANT MINISTRIES  "shareware" 1995 version of the Bible Computer Games and the COMPUTER BIBLE GAMES series
Click on the title and save the Zip Archive(s) to your local hard drive. Please remember to unzip the download .zip files before you execute any of the games. This specific MS-DOS "shareware" version is intended for educational purposes only.




Original Bible Computer Games Executable for MS-DOS v1995
Bible Memory Verse & Scramble Games  Executable for MS-DOS v1995
Computer Bible Games  Executable for MS-DOS v1995 - Zip Game Download 
Bible Bagels  Executable for MS-DOS v1995 - Zip Game Download 
Bible Toe-Tac-Tic  - Executable for MS-DOS v1995 - Zip Game Download