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Fully customizable Computer Programming Tutorials for

Christian Middle & High School Computer Science Teachers​

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​"Phil Conrod has a passion for writing tutorials and books aimed at beginner program​​mers and he’s done an excellentjob of covering all the fundamentals of Small Basic programming

Vijaye Raji, Creator of Microsoft Small Basic  


"The tutorials were really good to use.  I have a very small class of 3 and I found them to be much better than a book." 

-Steven A. Compton, Franklin Road Academy  



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"Third Day Games would be thrilled if every child who played our video games would learn how to develop Bible-based Christian video games themselves.   BibleByte Books produces a wonderful Computer Science For Kids Curriculum that we believe will help train up the next generation of Christian game developersThe games industry desperately needs talented game developers, who are also Christians, to help build the next generation of Bible-based Christian video games .  Learning a computer programming language early in life will give your child a great head start in the wonderful field of computer programming and give them the opportunity to use their skills to further the Kingdom."  

- Bobby Wells, CEO, Third Day Games  


"In this age of technology we are seeing an explosion of knowledge in the area of computer science. The possibilities of growth and development with the use of computers in Christian Education are staggering and Conrod's book is a step in the right direction. Conrod's use of games to introduce and reinforce Biblical truth makes learning fun for both children and adults." 

- Don Dengerink, Christian Education and Media Consultant


"A useful supplementary text for Christian school computer classes. Great for beginning programmers. This book is a wonderful start in an area much neglected by thinking Christians. It is hoped that this book is only the pioneer in what will become an earth-shaking Christian software industry." 

- Douglas Vos, President, Christian Computer Users Association